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Wheel Refinishing
 One of the services that I offer is refinishing alloy wheels.  Because of the salt, it doesn't take long for alloy rims to look poor due to corrosion.  When I refinish wheels, I first clean them to prepare them for stripping. Once the old coatings have been stripped, I sandblast the rims with a fine sand. I strip the rims first because I find that the coarser sand needed to remove the coating tends to erode the aluminum, which also results in a very rough surface. The blasting cleans the rims and prepares them for coating. Once they are clean and ready for coating, I start with a powder primer, which helps to fill in imperfections and seals the rim.  After the rim is primed, I coat with the color of the customer's choice. It is possible to have more than one color. Multiple colors increase the cost because of the extra time that it takes to mask off areas. The final step is to coat the rims with a powder clear coat.  Once finished, the rims have at least three coats of powder protecting them.
Because it is not alway possible to get a perfect match with the color of an existing rim, I think that it is best to have rims done as a set. 

Refinishing Costs

Rims 17 inch and smaller starting at $375.00

  Rims 18 inch and larger starting at $400.00
(taxes included)
Multiple colors add to the cost, as do rims that require extra cleaning and prep work.
Normal completion time is approximately 7 days. Quicker completion times can often be accomodated at an additional cost.