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I'm always adding new photos to this page so check back often.

This is my  1975 CB550 Honda Vintage Race.  It's pretty much stock.  It has Progressive fork springs and rear shocks, Dyna ignition and coils, as well as a Mac 4-1 exhaust.  It has been very reliable and it is a lot heavier than my CB350 racer (in the background).  The 350 is faster, but the 550 is great fun.

This is a before picture of my 1972 Yamaha XS1.  The bike was restored by Vince, a friend of the family, and my dad.  The bike has been completed, it looks awesome, and it is great fun to ride.  The bike is actually a 1972, but it was done up as a 1971 with a drum brake. The completed bike picture, which I recieved from the AVMS club, was used in the AVMS calender.

This is my dad (Gordon), my brother (Chris) and me (in the middle) on a bike trip we took around the Cabot Trail. If you've never been around the trail - you're missing a great ride!  We did it in the fall, so there wasn't much traffic, and the sights were great.  My dad and my brother have been a great help with getting my shop up and running (especially my dad!).

These are a set of wheels and side covers that I did for a customer.  They turned out amazing and look way better in person than in the pictures.  Hopefully I'll be able to get a picture of the completed bike when it's reassembled

This is one of the wheels for a Honda CBR600.  It is a mirror white with an acrylic clear coat.  They look great.

This is a magnsium front rim from a vintage chopper.  It is done in wet black and the lip is ultimate chrome.  It has a good coat of primer to help reduce the outgassing.  This is the worst part I've done for outgassing.  Even after 5 heat cycles it still was outgassing.  For those who aren't familiar, outgassing is when porous metals (like magnesium) are heated and gases from inside of the metal escapes.  It produces little craters in the surface.

These parts looked awesome.  The are the swing arm and tail section for an ATV.  The red is mirror red and covered with Super Durable clear.  The swing arm is Black Magic which is a low gloss black.

This is one of the set of wheels for a Mitsubishi.  The customer wanted grey, but a little darker than the Iron Gunmetal that I had on hand; so I started with the gunmetal, and added black until the desired color was achieved.  Ferguson's Auto Parts color matched them so the plastic centers could be painted. 

These are the engine covers for a vintage CB900 Honda.  The covers are Sun Gold with an Acrylic clear.  The oil filter cover is Black Magic.  It is too bad that the real colours cannot be seen in the photos. 

These are some parts that I've been doing for my CB350 vintage racer.  The rim is done in dormant blue and the shocks are anodized blue and sun gold.  The fork lowers are anodized blue and the triple tree top is sun gold. The dormant blue looks more purple in person.