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Most of the parts I have are repaired or rebuilt. I do not sell things that I wouldn't put on a bike of my own.
 Honda CB750 DOHC Rear Brake
I believe it is from a 1979, but not sure which model 750.
It has been diassembled, clean, and powdercoated in a gloss black.
Includes a new braided steel brake line with stainless banjo fittings and bolts.

Kawasaki KZ650 Battery Box
This came from a 1978 B model. I've cleaned it up and powder coated it in gloss black.
Kawasaki EX500 Front Briaded Steel Brake Line ( Blue).
I made this line for a EX250, using a line from a EX500 as pattern, thinking it would be close in size, but was too long. It is covered in a blue vinyl and has stainless fittings.