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These are some of my favourite websites.

I'm a proud member of the AVMS.  We get together Sunday mornings at a local restaurant, the Canadiana, and have monthly meetings on the first Thursday of each month.  Both my dad and my brother are members as well.

The vintage roadracing club, which is based in Ontario.

ERRA (Eastern Roadracing Assocation) is a not for profit group that is planning events at Atlantic Motorsport Park. The goal of the group is to promote roadraicng and funds raised are reinvested into the track. Check out the website and see what upcoming events are planned.

 A local bike club based in the Annapolis Valley, NS 

 This is a large bike rally in Digby.  Lots of fun and lots of bikes.  It gets bigger every year.

This this bike rally that is held in Windsor.  This was the first year for it and I was really suprised by the turn out. I thought for the first year there may not be may people but I was sure wrong.

This is a museum located in Quebec. A friend of ours from the track, Gerry Marshal, helped to get it up and running.

Brian Blaauwendraat is a local racer.  He has had lots of success locally and nationally.  He finished 4th in both the superbike and 600 sport bike classes at the AMP round of the 2009 Parts Canada National Superbike Series.